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Uke Heads is part community, part album. Everyone who owns a Uke Head is invited to play and sing on James Hill's new album, Uke Heads.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click here to purchase one of 1,879 Uke Heads. Each one-of-a-kind digital art piece was created by James and costs $250CAD and serves as your ticket to join the community and record on the album.

  2. When James records a song for the album, you’ll be invited! You’ll attend an exclusive online workshop with James as he reveals the song and teaches the parts that the Uke Heads ensemble will perform.

  3. Record your part and upload it. Just like that, you’re part of the album. You'll even get your name in the credits!

You can participate as much or as little as you like, but the earlier you get in, the more songs you’ll have the chance to be part of!

So, which Uke Head are you?

Every Uke Head is unique, each with up to 6 traits (eyes, mouth, hat, etc.). With over 170 trait variations and an untold number of possible combinations, no two Uke Heads are the same. There’s no telling which Uke Head you will find most beautiful (each to their own!), but some are more rare than others.


RARE: Single-colour
MORE RARE: Two-tone
ULTRA-RARE: Textured

Note: All Uke Head holders are invited to play and/or sing on the album, regardless of the rarity of their Uke Head!

Uke Heads is more than an album, it's a long-term project that connects people around the world through music. Here's what the future looks like for the Uke Heads community.


Phase 1: Uke Head Sale & Album Production (10-12 months)
  • Initial sale of Uke Heads ✅

  • Monthly workshops with James ✅

  • Submission of recorded parts ✅

  • Informal meetups exclusively for Uke Heads members ✅

  • Mixing and mastering✅

  • Album artwork and design✅

  • Album production and distribution ✅

  • Limited-edition apparel and/or merch available exclusively to Uke Heads owners ✅

Phase 2: Album Release
(4-6 months)
  • Uke Heads album released to the public

  • Album launch party 

  • Uke Heads CD and art booklet 

  • Virtual events ✅

  • Multi-day gathering for Uke Heads members (requires additional registration) ✅

Phase 3: The Future
  • Discounts on virtual and in-person events (e.g. concerts, workshops)

  • Opportunities to record on future tracks with James

  • Uke Heads continues as a creative community for ukulele players and singers (more info coming soon!)

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