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What is a Uke Head?

A Uke Head is one of 1,879 whimsical portraits of the ukulele by James Hill. Each is a one-of-a-kind piece of digital art that serves as your ticket to join a global ukulele community and record with James Hill! Each Uke Head can only have one owner and is totally unique to you. 

Can I purchase a Uke Head with a credit card?

Yes! You can purchase your Uke Head in our online shop using a credit card. It's no different than any other online purchase.

What do I get when I purchase a Uke Head?

There’s more to a Uke Head than a colourful cartoon!


  1. When you buy a Uke Head you are directly supporting the production of James’ new recordings, including the band's debut album, Uke Heads, which features 165 contributors from all over the world performing alongside James. Listen to the finished album here.

  2. You're invited to our members-only online workspace to meet, hang out and collaborate with your fellow Uke Heads! We're a supportive, global community of warm, welcoming ukulele enthusiasts.

  3. You get exclusive access to a high-resolution version of your Uke Head (4000 x 4000 pixels). Perfect for printing a poster, making a t-shirt, and so much more!

  4. You have the right to use your uke head for commercial purposes (see below).

  5. Last but not least, you're invited to play and sing with James on future recordings, and attend exclusive online workshops with James throughout the recording process.

Can I use my Uke Head for commercial purposes?

Yes! You have the right to use the Uke Head you purchased for personal and commercial purposes. Need a mascot for your uke club? Done. Need a logo for your ukulele brand or store? Check. Want to sell t-shirts featuring your Uke Head? Go for it! This is just one more perk of owning a Uke Head (or two 😉). Please carefully review our terms and conditions for more details.

Who created the Uke Heads artwork?

Each of the 1,879 Uke Heads is absolutely unique and was personally crafted by James Hill.

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