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Uke Head #17

One of 1,879 whimsical portraits of the ukulele by James Hill. Each Uke Head is a one-of-a-kind digital art piece that unlocks unique experiences.

Uke Head #17

Excluding GST/HST
    • An exclusive invitation to play and/or sing on James' new album, Uke Heads.
    • Admission to regular online workshops in which James reveals new songs and teaches the parts you'll be recording.
    • A high-resolution graphic (4000 x 4000 pixels) of your Uke Head. This download is available only to the owner of the artwork and is perfect for creating a poster or t-shirt featuring your Uke Head!
    • Permission to use your Uke Head artwork for promotional and commercial purposes (e.g. mascot for your uke club, logo for your ukulele brand, or stickers to sell in your music store).

    Note: If you have a crypto wallet (e.g. Metamask), please provide your wallet address at checkout so we can send you the NFT (Non-fungible Token) associated with your Uke Head. If you don't have a crypto wallet, don't worry! We will save your NFT for you and you can request it later. This is an entirely optional step and is not required to participate in the Uke Heads recording.

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