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There are 1,879 Uke Heads. Which one are you?

Top 7 Reasons To Become A Uke Head

  1. It's fun

  2. You meet good people

  3. It's musically challenging and rewarding

  4. Hanging out in the Uke Heads workspace is awesome ❤️‍🔥😊🎶

  5. You own your Uke Head... get creative with it!

  6. In-person Uke Heads events

  7. That magic feeling of being in a band✨​

1. It's Fun

Hundreds of people from over a dozen countries playing and singing together? Big. Fun.

2. You Meet Good People

The ukulele has a super power: it seems to attract nice people who love to make music together.

3. It's Musically Challenging and Rewarding

Uke Heads isn't a learning method but you'll still pick up a lot of skills along the way.

4. Hanging out in the Uke Heads workspace is awesome ❤️‍🔥 

If you like emojis, die cut stickers and talking about random ukulele stuff, you're gonna love the Uke Heads Slack workspace.

5. You Own Your Uke Heads... Get Creative With It!

Need a mascot for your uke meetup or a logo for your coffee shop? Your Uke Head image is yours to use for both personal and commercial purposes. Read full terms here.

6. In-person Events

Every once in a while, Uke Heads have the chance to gather in-person to celebrate and make music together. Between times, James will offer informal meetups on tour stops.

7. That Magic Feeling of Being in a Band

There's nothing quite like being in a band. The feeling of being part of a worldwide collective that makes beautiful things together is just, well, magic. ✨

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