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Manually Import your NFTs into MetaMask


Your Uke Head NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital token that tells the world that you are the rightful owner of your Uke Head. Think of it as a certificate of authenticity. An NFT (short for "non-fungible token") is stored in a crypto wallet. If you've never had a crypto wallet before, we recommend using Coinbase Wallet. It's free, secure and easy to use. If you're already a MetaMask user, this article will show you how to manually import your Uke Head NFT into your MetaMask wallet.

DISCLAIMER: You don't need the NFT for your Uke Head to participate in the Uke Heads project or community; it is an entirely optional step. Please note that you and you alone are responsible for buying and managing your NFTs. The authors of this document are not responsible for how you manage your NFTs or other crypto assets.


Desktop vs. Mobile

Metamask is available on both desktop and mobile. At this time, only the mobile app is able to display your NFT images. For this reason, we suggest using the mobile app.

Not seeing your NFTs? Continue reading below for how to manually import your tokens.


This resource is for existing MetaMask users. If you don't yet have a crypto wallet, we recommend the Coinbase Wallet.

How to import your NFT manually if it doesn't appear in your MetaMask wallet

If your NFT doesn't show up automatically, you'll need to import it manually. First, make sure you're on the network "Polygon Mainnet." If you don't see Polygon listed as an option, you'll need to add it to your list of networks. Then, in your mobile MetaMask app, tap the "NFTs" tab, then "Import NFTs."

Two Magic Numbers: Contract Address and Token ID

To manually import your Uke Head NFT you'll need two magic numbers: the Uke Heads contract address and your Token ID. The contract address is the easy part: it's the same for all Uke Heads. Copy and paste the following into the "Address" field:

The Token ID is unique to your Uke Head. To find it, search Polygonscan for your wallet address. This will show all the activity for your wallet. Click "ERC-721 Token Txns" then click on the most recent "Txn Hash." On the next page, the Token ID is shown in the "Tokens Transferred" section. Copy this Token ID and paste into the "ID" field in MetaMask. Finally, tap "Import."

Congratulations! Your NFT should now be visible in your MetaMask mobile app. If you still have questions about setting up your digital wallet and receiving your Uke Head NFT, reach out anytime via good, old-fashioned email!

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